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Triple Threat:
Ok so I now have the Trifecta of Timewasters at my disposal. One this Blog/ Website (yes they are one thing, I’m trying to get both to adhere to the same Graphic Identity Any feedback would be helpful.) DeviantArt, I will never get tired of browsing and creating art for this site. It’s actually helped me get more of a focus back to creating a coherent digital portfolio. Finally, Myspace, the TV of the bunch, mind numbing. Graphically disgusting, a train wreck of style, horrible function, and coded like ass. What other web site of the same popularity crashes on Macs with reckless abandon and slows Mild mannered PC’s to a crawl? Yet people still use it?

So I think I can phone pretty much everything else in from here on out.

Minor observations: I saw the Eagles jumping around, Andy Reid smiled, after their squeak by win on Sunday. That’s ok guys no emotion over the last five years you get all hyped up concerning a win closer to mediocrity.

Cliches stuck in my head: Some people get songs crammed in there, for some reason I get turns of phrase. I don’t know why but I have the uncontrollable urge to fit the cliche phone it in into a conversation. That and Like throwing a hotdog down a hallway. Both have been running through my head for about two days now. No reason why but they are waiting for someone to give me an opening to use them. Last week I had screwed the pooch, stuck in there? I got to use it on Friday, felt good. Someone messed up royally in their job relating the tale to me. Asking for sympathy I throw down Man you really screwed the pooch on that one They were stunned. Not sure how to react I got the nervous chuckle. It was worth it.

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