Minor Details (All examples are made up)
Everything is like kindergarten you just have to figure out which kids the adults really are. For instance the skinny, salad eating chic might have been hefty in her youth. The Gym Nazi, square jawed dimwit might have been the brain. Well the easiest one to pick out is the class clown, Usually. But this is really nether here nor there. The thought just came to my head as I heard two people arguing today and I wanted to figure out which kid in kindergarten they were. Turns out the spoiled brat, complete with pigtails probably, and the nerdy looking but rather dense kid.

I think that had to be the worst role of all. Your action figure came complete with glasses, poor fashion sense, and a bad haircut. This promptly singled you out as the nerd to be. The kid other kids beat on and then tried to get you to do their homework. Then, imagine this, you are lumped in with all of the brains and you�re actually quite daft? Not that it happened, just another random musing. That kid probably grew up and took up bell ringing or something. Or took a rifle into a bell tower, something with bells.

Just a small voyage down the lonely road of my cortex. Until next time.

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