I would have to venture and say that between the week right before Christmas and about three weeks right before Halloween are two of the most lovely times of the year. Each way you turn the sights sounds and tastes of their respective seasons abound. This is truly a time of year when all of your senses are attended to.

Just think about it. The sights are the warm glow of a Christmas tree in a house�s window. The radiance of the external lamination schemes from each and every house. Sound is soothed with the gentle harmony of old time songs, and the cheerful melody of the newer ones. The tink of the oven as it heats up a gentle promise of what is to come. Touch is the feel of fuzzy sweaters, no matter how they look. As well as caress of warm flannel blankets. My favorite of the sense is taste. Taste is catered to the most decadently of all this season. Imagine the sweet thrill of the cookies stolen fresh from the cooling rack. The sensory bliss as you sneak batter from the bowl, And I�m 25� Yes I still steal batter it tastes better that way. Batter freely given is just not as sweet. Christmas specifically bring all sorts of lovely smells to assault your senses. Some tantalize your pallet while others may spark a memory. The scent of pine as the new tree is hauled into the family room, and decorated. The smell of cinnamon, from anywhere, takes you back.

Just wanted to post and have you take a moment as you rush to and fro these final two or three days, before its all over to acknowledge each of your senses. Do it one at a time. Spend five minutes pampering each one. Don�t let anyone rush you. Just for 5 minutes, take the season into your self in part and as a while. Let the memories wash over you of good times of old, and let the bad drift away. Christmas is a time to let the bad go for just 5 minutes. Don�t worry it will be there when you get back. But 5 minutes couldn�t hurt.

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