I have to tell you this whole scene is getting pretty old. I bought a cable from ebay for my phone. It showed one picture and type of cable on the site, and what appeared on my doorstep was the cable to the right… Doesn’t even begin to fit my phone. Ok first the ass lied about the shipping date. Telling me it shiped on the 9th of January. I got it on the 17th… The post office didn’t pick it up until the 12th or 13th. Now he’s not responding to a damn email i send him… I’m feeling a little rage here, mostly at myself. The guys has over 200 negitave feedback in the past month, it was sig less when i ordered the cable. I’m feeling like i’m going to be getting a nice shaft in this. 4 emails, no response. RMA requested on the 18th, no response other than automated. I paid within 2 hours of the auction ending and i need to wait 4 weeks to get the correct cable? I could have hired migrant workers to make the damn thing by now.
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