Hello I’m Paul Rj Muller, Technologist, IT Worker, Geek, Husband and Father.

Some General information About this blog, and by proxy Me

I’m an admitted caffeine junkie with a penchant for sharing my thoughts. A consummate procrastinator who is never happy with his own work. So this blog does not reflect the opinions of anyone, sometimes believe it or not, not even me. I say things and people consider them. That is all I ask. I never set out to offend, although i have been know to do so as a side effect. Most posts are either informative, or a panacea for my soul. Consider the source of all things herein. I strive to never report nor publish outright falsehoods, nor do i guarantee the accuracy of anything. Take everything with a grain of salt and a dash of thyme. tongue firmly in cheek with some and heart in hand with others. never spelled correctly right off the bat, but usually corrected out of outright embarrassment.
Some Information about Puzzle Piece Productions:

Puzzle Piece Productions is a design company in Philadelphia specializing in website design and creation, graphic design, and technical consultation. But more than that Puzzle Piece Productions is all about dedication to making your company stand out as unique, professional and tasteful. I strive to create individualized content that truly speaks to what your company stands for and wants to provide.

My Name is Paul Muller, and I am Puzzle Piece Productions. I am a 26 year old Technologist, Graphic / Web Designer and geek living in Philadelphia. I pride myself on attention to detail and am committed to creating the most professional face for your company online. I will not publish something that reflects poorly upon you. As an owner of a small business I know that exposure is hard to come by and dollars even more so. I can tailor an online presence for your business which will grow as you do. Starting with the basics and working from there.
Now for a word from our Audio Wing: The CaffiNation Podcast:

As if running a fledgling company into the ground and trying to work a full time job wasn’t enough. I also run a moderately successful podcast call the CaffiNation podcast. Always found at www.caffination.com, yes i know that it is spelled wrong. Consider it the Caffi-Nation podcast, Caffeine – Nation. A High Octane podcast dedicated to the world of Technology and Coffee, perfectly brewed together and steeped for your enjoyment. Enjoy the podsafe music, Tech Talk and Coffee nerdness. Send all of your comments to caffination at gmail dot com.


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