Damn media

OK so I walk through the living room just now to hear one of those dateline exclusive type broadcasts, concerning a teen romance gone wrong and the female in the romance ends up getting seriously injured by her possessive, jealous boyfriend. I am intrigued by the story but here is how it unfolds. The announcer sets up the story with the guy being "class rebel ", unkempt hair and slacker demeanor. As a slacker, with unkempt hair and having it down to my ass in high school I’m a little alienated at this point but i watch on. Then they ask her parents about him, they come back with comments like cut your hair, and the father calling him a slacker idiot. That’s were i walk away.

I feel for the young lady who had the misfortune of being in that situation. but i resent and strongly protest the stereotypes that people throw out there concerning kids with long hair, slacker clothes etc. Neither of those qualities made that bastard of a kid attack your daughter. its the fact that he was loosely wired, nothing more. You know what i would be willing to bet that just as many if not more of the clean cut jocks in the world are responsible for date rapes, brutal attacks and domestic violence. Why do the slackers get all of the guff. Like not getting my hair cut is going to turn me into a maniac. That’s just plain bull. There is no other way to put it. I’m irritated in a way i can barely describe.

ts a replay of back right after columbine the black trench coats and video games were labeled as tools of a malcontent. I had a black trench coat i got plenty of guff for wearing as did many of my friends. in fact my coat was a present from my grandfather the Christmas before the incident. But could i walk around with it on, not without comments and problems. We are so quick to demonize people for looking unkempt, different and slovenly. We applaud the exploits of the clean cut athletes in schools. But you know what i bet if the kids on the debate team in a college tried to pull half of the crap that the football teams do with reckless abandon their lives would be over, thrown out of school without an eye batted.

One more thing before i sign off and stew over this… The announcer pulls out the old standby as I’m leaving the room. That one of the major warning signs of an abusive boyfriend is that the girl stops spending time with her friends. They don’t mention that the warning sign is when it happens to an extreme so now you now that all of the little schoolgirl cliques are going to be running around harassing the hell out of their other schoolgirl pals because they want to go make out with their boyfriend instead of stare at Cd’s in the local mall. C’mon damn near anything when taken to the extreme is a bad thing. what ever happened to responsible journalism… oh yeah it got usurped by the sensationalist media which has run rampant over our airwaves… Hold up someone better issue a special report this weekend we are expecting snow… in the Arctic circle. News at 11.

Paul Out!
~ we now return you to the sounds of Ramon Racello and his orchestra…

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