A Mighty Predicament

Here I sit with proverbial pen to paper caught upon a harsh reality of my circumstances. I feel the need to blog about the events as they have transpired over the past few days but i am caught up with the looming reality which stalks me.

I simply cannot clear the air as i am wont to do. This being my personal blog, and this being a personal, shall we say episode. I find myself a might bit perturbed by things at work. But even saying so casts a pale shadow upon this world. For google is the ever present babysitter, and my words could be read by those who have nestled ever so slightly under my skin. Not saying that they would per-say but rather that they could.

To blog about work, as I have done before is to freeze the moment in time. Three years hence someone could recall my post and coincide it with an event in their life, no matter how vague and connect the two. Let us suffice it to say I have in the past time shifted events to prevent this and will do so now. Don’t blog angry…

but thats not what i came to talk to you about today, no it was not to send some minor rage into the void but rather to feed my need to speak. i have felt muted by the lack of a computer in the past when things caught me up in their swirl which enabled me to time shift as needed. not saying that previous events have happened in the order that they were posted, nor saying that this one will be the next one to find its way to the surface. but rather that i hope people take this post as it was meant to be, an exposition of the filter at work. Marvel as the carbon works its magic upon the vitriol which seeps through it.

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