The Right Tool

The right tool for the job is an excellent axiom for life. That is when the tool itself is not prohibitively expensive, then its “the right tool is out of reach so you might as well make do with this crap.” That is of course where I find myself at this juncture. Using a palm sander to refinish hardwood floors. i don’t think i need to elaborate beyond the simple fact that the right tool for this job is over 10x larger and quicker than my current method. But the job needs doing. So far for the past two evenings
I have dutifully sanded my nights away ho revive the wood with a fresh coat of stain later on in the week. Fun Fun. Lets all just hope that this turns out well, because at this point that several hundred dollar investment in a floor buffer is looking mighty good. Or even a hundred dollar investment into a disc sander might be ideal. ah well. Nothing constructive tonight just drivel. Hence the categorical distinction as thus.

One final note of no importance, always perform menial task with your shoes on. Currently i’m sporting one broken (possibly) toe and a nasty gash on one of my feet from a falling window blind… Shoes could have prevented this. Right tool for that job would have been common sense damn this bear market.

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