On Hold

Called and was put on hold at dells Higher Education Tech Support Line 1:42 pm.

Ok so here we go this is an exercise in frustration at this point at whichever point I get off of hold with Dell for a laptop in work I’ll post this. But first off. The music is horrible. Elevator gone bad if you catch my drift, Pat Boone threw up in a CD ROM drive and they burned this mix. And the funny thing is it actually skipped, yes the hold music actually skipped. Its been well on 5 minutes without human contact at this point. I wonder if there is anyone left alive in India, or pakistan or wherever they are sending my call. I guess someone right now is riding a bike across the hot sands of some Foreign country to deliver me to a veritable guru of tech knowledge. To whom i can say this sage wisdom. Its broke and I have a next day warranty would you kindly send my the fed ex box so i can send you the machine to fix. nothing more nothing less. At this point looking back at the post i can only hope I’ll have time to edit when i finish what i have to say…

Spell check complete thus far and roughly 8 minutes into this I hope i have enough water and food handy because this could turn into a marathon… Or not. I swear i have heard this song three times. Instead of spending money to determine which song will calm people down, how about hiring another person to speed the call center along. Cut the instrumental crap at this point, inspirational piano is actually one of the few “lilting” musics that will cause me to go into a full on rage. i feel my soul being sucked directly from my fingertips as I type this as if my very life essence is being worn down into a glazed Dell-Like logo of its former self. Ok piano is done we have moved on to synths… Nope just a ruse more barely capable piano is back…

It almost pains me to think about this call and how much of my time is being wasted critiquing bad music, not thinking about the problem… Why am I calling again? Oh yeah broken laptop, graphic distortion, freezes after being on for about an hour, incapable of installing windows XP as the machine freezes before the “39 min” Oh he’s on the Line 1:58 PM.

Small update:
finally got a gentleman on the dell line after 16 minutes… he keeps trying to troubleshoot the problem. we have next day service on this laptop… send me the box i’ll send you the laptop. the LCD doesn’t work, no amount of diagnostics will fix a physical problem… If i need to physically attach a laptop to a monitor to try and preform maintenance on the machine then it needs service, cut the crap and send me the Fed Ex box. It needs to be looked at anyway, there is no OS on this machine so its not like we will loose anything. no information to compromise. Now apparently my next day warranty means that i will be called the next business day to set up a consultation at some indeterminate point in the future. Needed to edit the post for calrity at this point.

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