Ok, I was going to bite my tongue but I decided against it. Since I’m already up late and there doesn’t seem to be an end in site for my migraine this will have to do as a analgesic for the mind. I hate New Jersey’s road system. My wife and I were attempting to attend a party at our friends’ new house and we received direction via map quest (was not in favored status to begin with, and now added to the virtual do not call list of websites after this shindig.) The ordeal if you will.

First off Mapquest, update you maps this trip was horrible. Secondly New Jersey, you sorry excuse for a state whose sole claim to fame is be be in close proximity to both New York and Philadelphia. Seriously a small aside here, how low is your self esteem jersey that you lovingly permit New York, that sprawling mass of a city, to use and house teams on your soil and call them New York affiliates, why not just cede the top half of the state to the city and the rest goes to Philly. After conduct such as this you loose privileges.

Back to the matter at hand. You need more road signs, if I’m trying to turn on Haddon road I’m not going to get a Psychic wave telling me where it is. I need signage, clearly marked visible signs. Also try to have a little bit of conformity as to the placement of the signs, it helps. This of course in response to the street signs either hanging from the traffic light posts clearly visable or hidden between the boughs of trees carefully placed to obscure the oncoming traffic. Thirdly get rid of the jughandles and the circles, they do nothing but take up space that a dedicated turning light could have fixed. I have never seen a traffic confluence that required one of these structure to function.

One small but very serious point concerning signage and your illustrious state. You need to create a statewide mandate against road signs which refer incorrectly to the route one should take. ie if the sign is pointing a direction and says a town’s name then the proper function of the next sign would be to let you know if more turns need to be made to reach the aforementioned town. This is not happening in your garden of deceit. No the initial sign points a general direction not stipulating which one of the three paths one should jughandle, circle or skip into. And even if you are lucky enough to get a specific road to follow only refers to a general route one might take to get closer to the town mentioned. You need to pay sharp attention to the turns ahead and of course as previously stated have knowledge of the site you have yet to visit to actually arrive there. So three wrong turns, 30 extra miles, and a small domestic incident later we arrived, Almost got lost coming home too. just think if we were still operating under the structure existing at the beginning of our fair country someone might have been able to annex you into a more well put together state. Hell Rhode Island is more on the ball than you and they only have 50 people living there.

Edited the following morning to correct certain shall we say spelling mishaps.

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