Gremlins on the wings

Ok so we are going to start a little story here and add to it piece by piece. Each time i suggest that I’m not going to talk about work I end up doing it anyway, especially when work is hard. Well work has been very challenging the past week or so, coupled with working late hours on both my house, and the podcast. Its been about 3 or 4 hours of good sleep a night. But i must say work has been rewarding. I have written here before about rolling a rock up a hill, and having it roll back down each semester. Well for once I was working with my group contributing and feeling good about doing so. Its just been hard.

You know your at the end of your mental rope when your body, mine especially, does not respond to caffeine. How bad does it have to get for a guy who lives such a high octane life to be unaffected by coffee. Gremlins on the wings indeed. Apparently last night i was running around my lab in bed, talking out loud about installing software and which one wouldn’t work on what configuration. Then I kneed my 9th month along pregnant wife in the back… So i need to focus better while I’m at work but cool down more at home. Nuff said… more on this later, and a continuation of an old story the Linux diary.

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