Ok So here is the first in what i hope to be a series of blogs about and relating to the CaffiNation Podcast. I thought i would tackle a common question i get right out of the box. What on earth do i pick some of the pictures that show up on Well frankly some of them are complete non-sequitors. But others are to illustrate a point. On CaffiNation 061, i was talking briefly about the trial and tribulations of working on the babies room. those where the finished shots. I thought they looked
nice so up they went. Others, such as the recurring exit sign are slightly obscure. The exit sign next to the open windows struck me funny in work one day. As the facilities staff had opened all of the windows during the heat wave we had back in July. They then needed to turn off the air conditioning to work on it for three weeks. I was dieing and frustrated with other things at the time so the exit at the window and the implications where appropriate. But this picture has since resurfaced as a default pic
when i’m tired, frustrated or just frazzled. The most obscure picture is that of the sea lion from San Fran which has showed up twice i think; I get more questions about that one than anything else. To be quite serious i just like the picture and i think its funny. Fat smelly animals lounging on the dockside. I think i might use it next time too. As always feel free to send me any questions or comments at

And of course a rock solid internet connection only fails when your trying to upload a 30 meg show…

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