Proper Diction

Now I’m not a stickler for grammar, pronunciation or very much when it comes to conversation. But i thought i would let non technical people in on a few secrets. The way to talk tech so that we understand.

First off wipe the following terms from your lexicon, as i have discussed in my Podcast, The CaffiNation, on many times. The term “thingy” banished, “something or other” gone, and finally “whatever it was” deleted. By eliminating these phrases or ones like them, generalizing nonsensical vagaries you will sooth the techs ears into submission. He won’t assume that you are an utter dolt right from the get go. Secondly there are small behaviors that we would like to alter. DO NOT CLICK OK, with every box you see
pop up, and then expect us to know what they said. Take not of the message being displayed, even if it doesn’t make sense to you, write it down even. By clicking OK you are agreeing to either dismiss or accept the term which appeared. How would you feel if the computer popped a little question, mind if i kill your dog and skin your family? and then you click OK. Whose fault is the outcome after that. Yes the computer might have done the heinous deed but you allowed it. There are warning messages for
a reason. Do not ask me to recover files when the message said, this will permanently delete your files, and you click OK. I will  just ignore you.

And finally try to remain calm and understand that the person you are speaking to is an intelligent thinking individual, getting belligerent when you made the mistake is quite often detrimental to your health and well being of your files.

Yes I am well aware that certain errors and problems are unavoidable, even for the most adept at navigating the technical seas. There are three simple things you can do to make recovering from troubled seas easier.

1: Back your files up in a separate location

2: Save your work as you go

3: Buy the tech a doughnut every once in a while… Ok this might not make the problem go away but i know that if person A has fed me a doughnut and person B has bitched me out Person A moves to the top of the heap, front of the Que. Get my drift… Be civil even friendly to your tech.

We should probably do a section called The Care and Feeding of Techs: A guide to your Technical Support.


We now return you to the sultry sounds of Ramon Racello and his orchestra

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