I may have glossed over this subject in the podcast, But the lack of compassion that some people show during the course of their duties as a nurse astounds me. You see people at the lowest point in their existence. when they are brought to their knees in pain. and you gruffly respond to questions and brush asides concerns of pain and discomfort as status quo. I am by no means inditing all of the medical profession. On the contrary i have the utmost respect for what you do. I commend most
of you for your service. But for those of you who it is just a job i think your talents would probably be better suited in less stressful situations.


OK let me explain the above statement. I have a tendency on occasion to fly of the handle shall we say. And the post above was in direct response to what i perceived and still do as poor treatment and care of my wife and child at times during the labor and delivery process. I saved the above document as a testament to the frustration but did not wish to belabor the point out of respect for the many people i know involved in the health care profession. These people as i see it are all excellent examples of what a health care provider should be. And I would like to think that the good and the bad in life will eventually even out. So at this point I’ll close with the following. The mother is healthy and that is good the baby is healthy and that is good. so what if the service wascallus it all worked out in the end.

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