A Featureette if you will.

Everyone loves the all in wonder. The Swiss army knife of programs, gadgets and do dads. But what very few things do is concentrate on improving the user experience on their primary function instead of just simply adding features. Take a PDA or a cell phone both are very useful and functional pieces of hardware but now a days they come with extras which complicate and confuse users. most people did not want a camera on their cell phones they wanted a phone that worked. They wanted long battery life, perhaps for the truly hardcore the ability to plug the phone into their computer use outlook, or their email or scheduling program of choice and synchronize contacts and appointments.
Since the advent of the camera phone, a market i must say the industry created in a brilliant flash the phones have gotten less useful and more flashy. Camera phones are nice, i use mine on occasion, but i would much rather have the aforementioned easy sync between computer and cell phone. Yes i know you can sync but the method is usually convoluted and inane.
The same goes for programs, by doing one thing well programs could eliminate a significant number of problems. Microsoft office used to be a functional word processor. now with the addition of so many extra features and abilities the program is a bloated security hole in your computer, with hidden menus and slow performance. Who would ever think of a word processors being a security hole, this is a travesty.

I don’t have much fight left in me at this point, and i honestly consider this a weakly put together argument at best. So I’m out. It sounded so much more coherent in my head… need coffee…

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