Just Checking

Ever have someone stop by your office look in, stare then move along? After returning from a 2.5 week vacation / day spa otherwise know as the birth of our first child i get back to the daily grind. Only to find that I hadn’t been a bitter self deluded cranky young man. People were as silly as i thought they were. The good thing is after a hiatus such as this the silliness almost seems laughable, especially for the folks that know they don’t know.

Just a quick note to these people thank you. By admitting that you just plain don’t know the only thing you need is the willingness to learn and the capacity to do so. After this i can proceed to help you reinvent yourself. Sadly some of you lack these basic abilities but i appreciate the concerned looks as i attempt to recover your files from a broken disk, or any other of the hundreds of problems which escape you. Such as the devilish power button, whats with that thing. I digress.

Actually one of the things I’m best at is digressing. I should do it more often.

That right there was an excellent digression.

I now return you to the sultry sounds of ramon racello and his orchestra

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