Their Collective Might

Somewhat in the vein of an office drive by is the opportunist These are people you see throughout your work day, might even exchange pleasantries. But the only time they ever stop by your office, or engage in a conversation is to complain about some form of malfiesence Some grand wrong that they have suffered. Even worse than this is the person who is down right nasty, condescending or snippy to you on a normal basis but syrupy sweet when things go wrong. Truly a tale of two faces. What you want to say to the nasties is screw off but they are the ones who more often than not complain the loudest so blowing them off is not always the best way to proceed. A tactful I am quite swamped at this minute please refer all questions to my email works on them and gives you time to respond.

But that’s not what i came to talk to you today, nope today i came to talk to you about the draft… er maybe not. A little homage to Guthrie is never off base. But non the less today i cam to talk to you about the myriad of terms that go on behind users back. Frequent fliers, wetware problems etc. These terms are more not born as you might suggest to spite the users but often to refer to them in a negative fashion, the term used itself often denotes both the nature of the problem as well as the infraction. But this negativity needs to be concealed as most users are often unaware that the somewhat speculative terms are directed at them. So open up your ears and guard well your pride. Consider this all various bits of steam that6 were wont to be blown off at some point or another. Not strong enough for a rant on their own mind you but rather they gather together in groups and show their collective might.

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