We as a species have tamed every frontier on our world and have begun to venture elsewhere to do the same there. We can build a machine capable of almost thinking for itself. craft a worldwide network of these machines, and earn a living from them. We have created marvels like penicillin, and advil. We even have a toothpaste like substance which can be used in place of bone to heal our body.
Why is it with our impressive resume, that when it comes to the care of our teeth that the pinnacle of cleaning technology is a mirror and a steel hook? I just wen to the dentists office today, and of course i had 2 small cavities so they were taken care of. But i was stuck as i sat in the chair about the lack of progress in the dental cleaning area, they have plenty of cool toys to fix your teeth but to clean them out comes the hook. By now shouldn’t there some type of rinse which eliminates all plaque? And don’t say mouth wash it just doesn’t work that way, I’m talking high tech here, plaque and tartar eradication… would have saved me some time and pain today


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