A New Day is Dawning

Alright now i don’t want to alrm anyone but things are starting to work out over at the caffination podcast. Thats right we have moved to a new server, the same server as this one. You may not know it but the file you are reading right now and hours of technology related news and tips is right at your fingertips. We took web 2.0 by the throat and rode that mother hard.

I mean fully integrated podcast support, the wordpress blog, ads, sponsors, custom graphics, technorati tags, and even those spiffy little icons on the side of the page to make it look like a nascar rear bumper. Now you may look at that site and shrug it off as yet another wordpress blog, but i look at it and feel the hours of mental sweat that went into beating every last inch of conformity into the stylesheet, the player everything. One or two more things need to be done and then we will be off to the races.

A small sigh of relief before we get back in there and fiddle some more. People are even coming over to check it out again. Now if i could only get podomatic to forward the feed over i would be all set.

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