Whew, what a week

What a week is the understatement of the month. This week has quite possibly been one of the most tiring in my young life. If you hearken back to several posts i did over the summer, here & here, The place where I work has some minor amounts of trouble regulating the temperature. To provide a brief summation of three years of experience in this building. It is hot in the winter, unbelievably mind altering hot. It is cold in the summer. Freeze your ass off cold, bring a jacket and use a banned space heater cold. At first glance this would be ideal. This temperature differential is what places strive for. We are not allowed to self regulate, vis a vis the windows, which do open, as opening windows has a nasty effect on the system.
But the problem is with extremes. 2 weeks ago the Outside temperature was hovering around 45 F during the afternoon. So the powers that be set this building accordingly and then apparently got drunk. It was almost comfortable in here at that point. a slight chill in the air, but its late autumn I can deal, i like the cold. Then as the temperature outside climbed into the 50’s and 60’s no one made any adjustments, hence the drunk supposition. So that by proxy raised the temperature in here well past comfortable but closer to horrible. Walking in on Monday the thermostat in my office read 95 degrees, I have servers in there i understand heat buildup, but this was off the wall. it has continues each day getting more stale, and the heat dissapating more slowly as I open the door. My work day consisted of a makeshift sweat lodge in which i came in sat down and proceeded to loose water weight for 9 hours. The elevators were less than pleasant. Students with deadlines don’t bathe frequently, heat makes everyone sweat. Draw your own rank conclusions.

Long story short i kicked a window until it opened and now its almost comfortable. problem with the situation? its going to drop 40 degrees from morning to night today… sigh BTW 70 Degrees F in December, in Philadelphia and people have trouble believing in Global warming?

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