Hey, New York… Ban This!

comboschedar.jpg Whats This? a new post on the Travel Mug. Has the Sky fallen, is Paul dead and his 6 month old son has taken over? No, non of the above, but major projects which were started back in January, such as home renovation and child rearing, have reached manageable levels. Huzzah, lo and behold, below this very note, is actual fun content. Enjoy and be prepared for more to follow. Like 3 -4 times a week.

We’re trying to ease into a new blogging schedule here with a light hearted poke at my more important neighbor to the north and east, New York City. Going north from Washington D.C.? Don’t expect to see a sign for Philadelphia until your smack right on into it. On my last trip south and the obvious following trip back north to return to my den i counted no less than 5 signs for New York, with outlandish distances like 225 Miles. Philadelphia doesn’t hit the street sign radar until 31 miles. a sad testamant to the grandness of our northern neighbor. I even saw a sign for the Grand NY in South Carolina once, SOUTH CAROLINA, 10 or 11 hours of fast driving away from the destination.

But thats not what i came to complain about today. No rather i came to mention a product which I can only hope to become the bane of that great city. Yes, Technologies answer to the ubiqiutous New York ban. In case you didn’t catch it or aren’t keeping score Gotham has banned, cell Phones while driving, smoking in public, trans fat, cell phones while walking, ipods while walking. and next on the list is breathing while having not brushed your teeth.

But yes the ever present tech industry has come forward with a combo MP3 player, Cigarette case, And Cell Phone. 175 dollars, and it comes with a lighter and a pack of smokes. nice job.

For the record I think I have discussed before which bans I think are warranted and which ones are frivolous. So we won’t revisit that here, but rather rejoice in combination technology. The Super Vice Phone, coming soon to an iron lung near you.

I’ll be Back, Soon.

We now return you to the Sounds of Ramon Racello and his Orchestra.

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