Best and Worst

The only thing I can say is at least he wasn’t an Eagles Fan, then we would all be linked to Murderers. We only do one of the following.

  • Throw snowballs at, and boo Santa
  • Cheer for injuries
  • Boo soon to be star players
  • Throw batteries at stars who snubbed us.

Throw a couple snowballs decades ago and your labeled. Cleavland threw Beer Bottles… and they get nothing.
And At long last a gem that recently came across the desk here at the CaffiNation, a sports related story to be sure but in a very positive light .  Paterno Cleans Up this Town! Rather than let his group of young men run rampant on the town perpetuating the student athlete god like status that exists on many campus’ JoePa throws down some serious discipline, on the whole team. Way to go Joe

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