Blurb… Pac Man CE?…

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls children of alllllll ages. Blurb Time…

Today I’d like to geive you a short rundown ala 4 bullet points about the New Pac Mac C.E. Championship edition. Its available via Xbox Live Arcade. BTW I’d just like to say up frontI LOVE the concept of the live arcade smaller games that fill out the console. I honestly can spend an entire night playing Live arcade games, and free demos. Look here to see.

On to the Game, rev up the bullet pointer

  1. Updated graphics and sound make this a worth successor with a poorly chosen name
  2. Level design and game play make this an unbelievably fresh take on the genre
  3. All this just from the demo, which will become a purchase soon enough.
  4. Only one detractor aside from the name, i think the price is a bit steep but that could be just me

800 points coming soon to a live arcade near you

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