Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean 3

What can you logically expect when you go to the movies, spend almost 10 dollars to see a sequel of a much beloved film? Well the marketing people would have you believe it is “better than the first two”. The actors will wax poetic about character development and influences. When all you really want to know is does it entertain? Well then here you go a small three sentence review of Pirates of the Caribbean: The New Batch

  1. First off the movie as a whole was a very entertaining trip into a now familiar world.
  2. All of the same characters make the story move, with jokes in all the right places.
  3. Despite setting itself up to prevail the movie succumbed to the ever popular extraneous love story which ate up too much screen time.

So all in All the movie was a fun jaunt just about, eh, 45 minutes too long for Excellent status.


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