Book Review: Coldfire Trilogy, CS Friedman.

This is the first in the series of Book reviews we plan on posting here at Boilerpl8. Not all of these books are new. But they deserve recognition for the experience they bring to the table. This first review is of a Fantasy / Sci Fi Novel. I am a fan of the fantasy genre, and I find Sci Fi hit or miss at times. So now you know my bias so here is how these novels stack up.

First thing you should know is that When i purchased these books about 4 years ago I did a rare thing. I purchased solely based on the cover art, judging as one might say. I found the art engaging and the synopsis sufficient to sate my desire for new material at the time. I had low expectations for this series beyond a 1 and done read to pass the time.

C.S. Friedman’s Coldfire Trilogy. Black Sun Rising, True Night Falls, Crown of Shadows

  1. Wonderfully elegant descriptions throughout the book.
  2. Characters are deep and ever changing.
  3. A very unique style and flow to the plotline.
  4. Deals with the entire gamut of human emotion in a very alien landscape.
  5. The backstory weaves through the current plotline as true history does.
  6. Everything breaths, from the characters to the scenery, to the entire world of Erna

These books are probably three of the best impulse purchases I have ever made. I was raised on Terry Brooks and the All-father J.R.R. Tolkien. This series runs a close third. Neck and neck with offerings from David Eddings. I yearn for more and found that there may be a sequel of sorts in the works, not often you get to see that when the IP has lain dormant for so many years. Wonderful news, and Highly recommended.



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