Xbox 360: Live Arcade: Settlers of Catan

There is a certain level of excitement, entertainment and one can expect from an Xbox Live arcade title. You can expect these little min games to be brightly colored, catchy music and at times refreshing looks into both the past, as in the retro games, and the future, with the independent publishers. However you usually don’t loose hours at a shot playing any of the titles. No so with this game, entire otherwise productive nights have been sunk into this game. Read on to see why.

  1. Think Othello style game play “A minute to learn a lifetime to master”
  2. Catchy music and bright colors supplement the overall feel of the game without being intrusive.
  3. A robust “emote” system which removes the need for voice-chat.
  4. Addictive game play and very agreeable learning curve.
  5. One of, if not the best offering currently on Xbox Live Arcade.
  6. This makes me want to buy the boardgame, when is the last time you said that?

800 points now live in an Xbox Live Arcade near you: Points you say? 800 Points = 10 Dollars, US. Well worth it. Better than a good deal of the 50 – 60 dollar games out there. Completely blew my expectation out of the water.



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