The Semi-Soft opening


And now introducing the site i have been working on. Its call Boilerplates are small bits of throw in text usually placed in contracts they are the “standard” language which makes its way into our lives and a;lmost any document we sign. I have decided to extrapolate that language to fit a format. So rather than a reusable text base, we have a reusable short format review. This site, when it gets up and running at full steam will host several different reviewers all working on topics and article that they enjoy. I’m hoping that this site will take care of two of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to review sites.

First Peeve is long winded text. I’m a long winded guy but i want the long and the short of it. Should I buy product 1, should I wait for a revision, would i be better served using a different service etc, etc. I want all this information in a short format. Secondly I’m tired

of reading movie reviews from people who are forced to sit through a movie they are predisposed to hate. I want what people who are a fan of the genre think. I’m not going to be reviewing chick flicks and I wouldn’t expect my wife to review a sci-fi film or “space movie” I’m hoping that this idea gains traction and we start getting feedback. Until there there you go.

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