Movie Review: Transformers

This Review Uses the Full 8 From BoilerPl8!

Ok take one does of 25 year old Intellectual property which has reached cult status with a rabid fan base. Throw in one Iconic Father figure for a generations of kids who wished nothing more than to be able to “Roll Out” What do you get?

Well I must start this article off by admitting I had grave reservations about the outcome of this movie. There are two main reasons for this. First off the choice of director, who seemed to show no loyalty to the original material when asked about quarter century old precedents he might break, and a predilection for choppy jump cut cinematic which I didn’t think would honor the material they were treating. And secondly add in a slew of product endorsements and massive hype behind each choice. All of the Autobots decided to become GM machines? Couple both of those issues with changes in the fundamental Characters and their forms.

  1. Breath taking visual effects, you feel the tension pulling at your chest as these massive monsters preform their deadly ballet on the screen
  2. Surprisingly good acting both from the CG elements and the cast.
  3. Humor , and lots of it. This movies makes you laugh and chortle throughout
  4. Real emotion coming from Computer generated characters
  5. Once you wrap your head around the plot the story si pretty entertaining
  6. Peter Cullen is Optimus Prime, get that voice right and there shall be latitude granted with almost anything else
  7. – Optimus Prime should not have had flame detailing it demeans him, Red, Blue & Proud
  8. – Deceptecon Identity Crisis, Megatron should have been a gun, where for art though Soundwave?

In short I can’t see a reason not to see this movie, as it has not only decimated my low expectations but it also became almost everything it should have been. A couple of minor quibbles attempted to spoil the movie, Due to this movies I ended up going to work on less than two hours of sleep, I regret nothing.


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