Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I guess I better fess up to this small fact before I continue. I have never read the books. I’ve heard they are good, I might even pick them up eventually. However for some reason I have never felt compelled to read them. That being said I have seen all of the movies, because they appear entertaining.
At this point the cast, the script and the director are considered a known. You know exactly what to expect from a Harry Potter flick. Even if they do get darker as the story matures, that characters get older and the plot twists more. That being said on to the meat and potatoes of the review.

  1. Acting steadily improving as the series and the actors mature.
  2. Epic score and wonderfully placed audio landscape.
  3. Beautiful visuals, wonderful texture to the film.
  4. – Inconsistency in the application of CG, some characters looks “real” others look dropped in.

If you liked the other films, which I did, then you will enjoy this one. Slightly darker tone overall makes for a more adult viewing experiance. The differences in the CG effects actually jarred me out of the narrative. Specifically the difference in realism between the Centaurs and the Giant Gorp. Both are on the screen at the very same time but the Centaurs look real and the giant looks like someone dropped the incredible hulk into the flick. Overall pretty good.


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