Xbox 360: Halo 3: First Impressions

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Well its comes time to throw my hat in the ring once more on a very popular franchise. Halo 3 needs no lengthy introduction. My first impressions of the new game are a generally positive tone, the word awesome was used, at least once, in passing. But upon a further an deeper review we begin to see more clearly. Some things are to be expected in this version, and I’m not done the campaign yet, i know I’m a slacker, but here is what we see so far. So here we go I’ll give this Hype laden product the full 8 points to review it.

  1. Graphics are predictably spectacular, even on an old AV system such as mine.
  2. Music is at least on par with the last showing, if not improved. It only adds to the experiance of the game, without ever detracting or taking the focus away.
  3. Weapon balance has shifted again to a much more neutral level. No one weapon is the be all and end all. (i.e. Hammer of Dawn in Gears)
  4. Although i haven’t put it through its paces yet, the Forge is going to be huge. On Console Map / Session editing. This will get its own review down the line as well.
  5. Multiplayer is awesome as it was expected to be, New menu systems should eventually make things much better
  6. – As before in campaign I get told to head off someplace, without a map in a very expansive landscape. Its easy to get lost or stuck in a corner.
  7. – So far the story has been a bit spotty, not that old information needs to be rehashed, but it feels a bit cut off.
  8. – Cortana shows up during the slow periods of campaign play to impart bits of info, mildly irritating.

On whole the game was exactly what i expected it to be, and more. I found the new weapon balance much more enjoyable to play online with. The campaign seems to be flowing well, even if the story doesn’t give too much background. I give the game a 7 out of 10, mainly because there was no break from the pack, paradigm changing experience. What was good was great, and what was bad was only irritating. The Forge could truly be a boon to the content creation scene but we need to wait and see. Check back for the After I beat it edition for a full spoiler free story review.


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