Xbox 360: Halo 3: Spoiler Free Campaign Breakdown

A game of this magnitude needs more than one review because there are so many different ways to enjoy it. You have the first impressions review, here you will find the Campaign review, where we will go over in a spoiler free manner the plot, the gameplay and the afterglow. Then as a bonus feature there will be a Halo 3 Extra Goodies review to come which goes over the new Theater and Forge areas of the game. Without further ado here is your full 8 on the Campaign, spoiler free.

  1. Story pacing was very good, you never loose interest in the tasks at hand.
  2. Not enough can be said about the stunning visuals & masterful music score.
  3. Replay value is high due to 4 different difficulties and various easter eggs hidden throughout.
  4. Campaign scoring, an awesome addition to add massive replay value.
  5. 4 player Co-op adds an unprecedented human tactical environment to the game.
  6. – Sound Levels, I had to keep fiddling with thevolume on my tv between explosions and dialog.
  7. – Map Design, Different time
  8. – Cut Scenes are fine in between chapters but to slow down the action for dialog in between breaths gets old quick. I’m talking to you Cortana & Gravemind…

Afterglow: After the ending Wait through the credits. Overall I feel it is a fitting conclusion.

This is a game which is greater than the sum of its parts. The campaign is what i feel is the weakest link in an otherwise strong chain. The cut scenes which interrupt the action get incredibly old quick. Often other co-op players and I heap abuse upon the fictional characters during these scenes to make the time pass… But that is not the game, the game is fast paced, engrossing story telling. Overall still worth the money and the time to play.


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