Book Review: Terry Pratchett: Theif of Time

Book reviews are few and far between so far, so I review them as I read the. This book came highly recommended and it did not fail. Now i have never read anything by Terry Pratchett before and I have been recommended to do so for some time now. So as books go there was a fair amount of hype surrounding this on a personal level

  1. An enjoyable world crafted with love unfols before you
  2. A thick healthy vein of humor travels through the narrative
  3. Plot follows a steady beat checking in the different threads of the tale periodically, without annoying
  4. -Learning curve is definitely present for those who have not read this author before, but not too steep

The book and the author both stood up to the hype and delighted me with the level of humor in the writing. Read this Book, not much more I can Say. Given this and my predilection for liking Douglas Adams I’m tempted to try other British humorist. Any suggestions?


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