Testing purposes

I hate doing things for no reason. busy work, homework, taxes… you get the drift. Its not the effort that it costs me but the artifice of interest it implies by completing the task. Take this post for instance. I need to test something on my blog. I didn’t start out to do anything but instead you get a mini rant about how lazy I am.

Well not necessarily lazy but tired. I would love to write all day, I haven’t the foggiest about what. I would love to podcast all day, that is closer to a possibility. I am in the infancy of building my consulting base for new media, old media, web design ect. I’ll post how things go there from time to time.

Right now I’m working on something fun, but I can’t talk about it at any length, a pity but thems the rules. Until I get to expound at a later date here is a clip from a Show handpicked by my son… just remember he’s 1 y.o.

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