Website Review: WebsiteGrader

How do you stand up against the best and the brightest web sites in your field? How well does your current site fair when faced with the onslaught of robots scouring its every inch its every pixel for relevant data? But most importantly how well does your site rank in searches. If people can’t find you then what does it matter.

Enter Website Grader allows you, through a blindly simple interface, glean a vast amount of data into how the world sees you. On to the review, 6 points and it shall be yours.

  1. Free Analysis, can’t beat that with a stick.
  2. Clean and simple layout, you intuitively know what to put where, no obtuse descriptions.
  3. Constructive Criticism: ways to better yourself, point by point references to what is wrong.
  4. Shows you how to Clear up errors and where to put the most effort in to get the most return.
  5. Allows you to measure yourself up against any of your competitors.
  6. Only detractor is that since it has gained in popularity it has slowed down, these are good problems to have.

How can you not want to check this site out by now? And the deal sealer for me is that the site works for the parent company as well. Website grader is a free service of, an internet marketing company. It begs all the right questions, how can a company give this information away for free and still make money? They must be that good. It gets an 8 out of ten, because I was expecting to get what I paid for, not much. In return I received a clean interface and a hoard of information.


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