Movie Review: Fred Claus

Well its just past Halloween and that means its time for a Christmas Movie. Because Christmas time is for Horror, and Summer is for “Blockbusters”. I was dragged to this film kicking and screaming. I’m not a fan of Christmas film crowds mind you, Its the screaming kids that gets to me at all hour of the day and night. We went at 10pm and they were still up. I like Vince Vaughn, but up until recently I wasn’t a big fan of Paul Giamatti. Either way I knew what to expect and this flick didn’t disappoint. ^ / 7 points and the review shall be yours.


  1. Its a Christmas Movie with a older kid bend on it.
  2. Kids will like the slapstick and there are some good lessons learned by the end.
  3. I love Vince Vaughn, his character is pith, witty and wicked all at once.
  4. Plot is a new twist on Christmas, and a welcome one at that
  5. -Overdone characters, and overacted parts make some scene less enjoyable
  6. Its a Christmas movie, you know what to expect happy ending and warm fuzzies
  7. Bah Humbug? Nah this is a good use of you time.

If you like Vince Vaughn in Wedding rashers you get more of his quick draw wit in this one, concise and clean delivery on rapid fire commentary. Good christmas movie geared toward parents and kids around 12 I think. Any younger and some of the details may blur. Did not break the Cardinal Christmas Rule which is of the utmost import.


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