Wrapping it up

It was a fantastic holiday season. Good times were had by all. A ton of small little arguments where hashed out, brought up forgotten and all is well. Thats what holidays are all about. not the fights, nor the plans. But rather the forgiveness. they test family units repeatedly and at length. I love taking a moment as things wind down to take stock of all the things that have gone down. all the little comments that were made, and frankly right after i take stock of things that i said and other people did i promptly forget all of them. Life’s too short to worry about silly little crap that comes up. hope other people do the same.

I think holidays are going to get both crazier from here on out as Paul becomes more aware, and more fun as he starts to experience the magic that they can bring. Take all the good from my childhood and hopefully be ble to create new memories with my new family. Should be one hell of a trip

BTW: as a small aside. i hate the movie Sleepless in Seattle. I have the uncontrollable urge to reach through the screen and smack Tom Hank’s Kid for being such a little nudge. this only comes up as the damn movie is on right now.

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