Back to normal

Well it finally seems that the blog, the podcast and the main site for my Puzzle Piece Productions little venture have finally evened out after the move. My workflow has smoothed out over at the podcast ad I think things are trending upwards. So that being said I’m going to try and devote much more of a regular schedule for the blog, as well as additional articles over at the podcast in addition to the episodic content. I truly love writing, i enjoy educating and evaluating, and in that spirit i’m going to try and resurrect the website. The review situation, has been pretty bleak since i reviewed beowulf. Which was bleak in its own right. I’m going to give it one more go and look for a little help in the review process. We’ll see where this goes.

So long old hosting provider, and hello to smooth sailing. The migration should not have taken 3 weeks to complete. but it did.

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