Silly Kids… Spiders are for Eatin

I’m more than a little bit of a science journal lurker. I love reading about all of the new discoveries out there. New Species, advancements in technique, anything i can wrap my head around. When I see video’s like this this National Geographic Deep sea video clip I usually stand in awe of the wonders of nature, and at the same point in time never vow to set foot in the ocean again… Giant Sea spiders indeed. In fact i was attempting to find a better picture of these things and i came up with this lovely Picture…

image033.jpgfrom this blog. What struck me wasn’t so much that guy had an icky spider sitting on his face but rather that people upon seeing this denzin of the deep immediately tried to find a way to eat it… And while yes they may be harmless little creatures, not these are normal sea spiders not the foot long antarctic variety, which i can only assume taste great in gumbo or chili.

For those of you really wanting to check out exactly how tasty these things are here is the recipe. I can understand some of the stranger delicacies from around the world. mostly because they involve indigenous items to the area, snails… er escargot… well they have these. But for sea spiders theylive on the bottom of the freakin ocean, you have to go out of your way to snack on these things. Its not like this is fear factor or something, there is no prize, no gratification, just you and an apparently tasty morsel… BTW if you need to invent a tool to let you eat it, its probably not on my menu. I’m looking at you escargot, you and your snail tongs.

Want two more reasons to not go swimming… Shivers…
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