A Little Light in the Loafers

You know, if i had to go to prison I’d want it to satisfy two conditions. First off i wouldn’t want to be put in on some silly charge or circumstantial evidence. No i’d want to be a definite interment case. If for no other reason than you’d want to be taken seriously by the other inmates. You don’t want to have the Alice’s Restaurant littering charge on your resume. You want to go down as the guy who tuned up a mugger, a vigilante. Not that I’m planning on ever going in but if I did I would hope that it would be for some altruistic purpose.

Secondly, if i was to go to prison i could only hope that the penal system would have evolved to the point where scene’s like this are commonplace.

Its Much harder to shiv someone when your throwing down some MC Hammer. Besides your probably going to be a little less up tight and concerned with your image if you have to practice for the big dance number next week. No one messes with a guy lifting weights but its hard to build up a good head of steam when your practicing a quickstep.
Not taking myself too seriously this week can you tell? The video was funny, you have to laugh.

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