Where are we going?

The place have all come to know and love is no more. I might be late in saying it but if you take a look back at the internet and visualize what it was 10 years ago you will feel a cold chill creep up your spine from the dizzying heights we have attained. As well as a deep sadness for the shattering lows that come with every truly great achievement. The great things that we have now are twitter, Podcasting, Youtube, craigslist only to name a few. These all but shadows of the one overarching advancement.

The Internet of old was static, it was plain, ugly at times and unforgiving. Now the same unforgiving beast has grown larger and more hungry for attention and business. It has a softer, more pastel and florescent shade to it. Very web 2.0 the new beast, same as the old. The greatest advancement in the last 10 years has been the connectivity that the new beast has engendered. We are all a couple of keystrokes away from friends and from foes. The best defense against the dark arts of hacking, the specters of identity theft, and the demons of decayed morals, is information, education and the scepter of knowledge wielded by the acolytes of understanding.

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