Tradition in the Spring

In the various houses that comprise our family unit there is one overarching tradition each spring. As punctual and annoying as hayfever the spring project rears its ugly head time and time again.  Apparently we all feel the need right around the same time each year to buy mass quantities of construction materials and make major life changing and home altering projects from winter dreams into springtime realities.

This year, i have already re landscaped the front of the house. Good for next year being we used more perennials, which means less replanting for years to come. Bad is that it all was done in one day without too much being done with the back yard yet. In the back i found a previous layer of white landscaping stone underneath what we thought was a flower bed, not good. And to top it off i need to cut down another small tree and get the roots out because that will end up as my veggie garden.  On the inside of the home we removed the linoleum tiles from the foyer, ripped the carpet up, but the next thing on the menu is the whole dinning room, big job.

My father in law is ripping out his kitchen and my own parents are putting a new floor in their basement. You feel good when your done but man this season is hard on you while you still have things to renovate. Anyone else out there having the same fun as we are?

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