We are currently watching Cars the movie. If you follow me on twitter you probably see that about  3 – 5 times a week. The boy loves the movie. And I gots to tell you its a good movie. The best part about this as opposed to any number of silly kids shows right now is good. And the music isn’t half bad. I guess thats part of being a parent and a kid is watching the same movie 500 times in a month just because it makes the little guys happy. When i was growing up My sister drilled Little Mermaid to the point where i could and can still sing every song word for word…

At least thus far I’m lucking out on music. The boy doesn’t seem to like Radio Disney but has taken a shine to Rage against the machine, Slipknot and Disturbed. He dances like crazy whenever Van Halen, ACDC, or Aerosmith comes on the radio. He’s a pretty cool kid. I would have view of a funny dance he did, but daddy had the sound turned off while recording so he’s making funny faces but you can’t hear the music. not as funny as it could be. I’ll get it next time

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