We are, at least i would like to think, an advanced people. We have laser guided levels, robots vacuums. Why is it then that the pinnacle of dental technology involves scraping my teeth with sharp metal hooks. Sticking me in the gums with them, which I of course bleed from. Then chide me for not flossing more. Ok perhaps i could get into the swirl of flossing if you didn’t violate my mouth routinely.

It just seems that by comparison the the practice of dentistry seems a little slow compared to say podiatry.  Podiatry they can remove warts by freezing, slice things with lasers and do all sorts of fun stuff. Other than xray and pain killers i would hesitate to say the practice of dentistry has moved beyond the 30’s

If you hadn’t guessed i just ad a teeth cleaning the other night, i felt like a horse the way they were moving my lips around, but this stallion isn’t branded. I am lucky that i have a fantastic dentist, I’m not even kidding the staff is great there, and the dentist himself very understanding and friendly. I had been terrified to go th=o the dentist 2 years ago, it had been years since i had a cleaning. But after a little explanation of my fear they have treated excellently each time. I just usually get grumpy the day after. Mouth is sore, brushing actually hurts and OJ stings a bit. But i have some nice clean teeth. Now i just need to remember to floss.

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