Lots to say

I used to do a blog post every week, wether i needed to or not. Then i drifted away, which happens from time to time. I got to be a perfectionsit and I got crazy busy. But non of that matters. I find crazy stuff all the time i just choose to share ti elsewhere usually without the lovely quips that used to accomidate them. I have just over 6700 tweets in 2 years, most of them coming in this year. Thats a lot of potential blog topics down the tubes. I should learn to start saving the gems that bother me to produce a really good rant here from time to time.

Nothing much else but rants floating by in my head these days. I guess when i build up a good head of steam it might do me some good to post it. People seem to find them ammusing.

However i must say being sure to wash your posts free of any identifiable work references does certainly take the sting out of a good rant. Either way I’m back from a stressful summer, and trying to settle back into a schedule.

Writing every day is proven to be a very valuable tool in keeping your mind limber and the creative juices flowing. So, apparently is drawing / sketching each day. Architecture students are often told in their first year that if they aren’t draing or sketching everyday then they weren’t going to be ready when the need arose. So I’m guessing i should do that too… Man i have a lot of stuff i’m supposed to be doing every day, exercising, showering, eating, sleeping ( OK so i skip the last one from time to time.  )

Coffee, you can sleep when you’re dead!

Until next time. Keep writing, keep up the good work

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