Down Periscope

How do you start work?

I don’t mean driving, taking the train or riding your bike to an office space. I meant if you had to write a paper, had to produce content on your own time how would you get ready? Is there a ritual, a common practice that you need to follow to ensure a smooth transition into productivity? I only ask because I have a very specific set of things which need to happen, and things which can’t happen in order for me to not only have a productive session but to produce good content.

This isn’t to say that i can’t work under pressure, i can and do thrive while under pressure, more often than not its the lack of pressure that causes me fits. I have great plans for things that need to get done. I have recipes to write down, a book to finish, articles to write, and above all else coffee to drink. The coffee is the easy part.

The method to my Madness

A simple rundown of the perfect work environment for me. It has to be nightime, i’m just not as motivated to write earlier in the day, even on days off from work. I have to have a decent amount of coffee in me, and be well fed. I also need a good supply of water near the desk. I need good music with little or no words to it, fun fact if i hear music with words while i’m writing i tend to incorperate the words into  what i write, which made for some interesting papers in college. I also need to have shoes on… Yup. I can’t get in the mood to do serious work while in my PJ’s and at the very least I need to have sneakers on to focus. I have no clue why this is the case but it works like a charm. Artificial deadlines work from time to time. Also limited distractions, periscope down, no twitter, no email, no phone. You, me and a word processor make three.

Short rundown of what i need, what do you need?

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