Fallapalooza 2008

How to cram an entire fall of fun into one weekend…

A little tenderizer first. I have to set the stage. Both my wife and I are in our very dear friends wedding at the end of October. So between the birthdays and the wedding and wedding accessories, read bachelor & bachlorette parties there just simply isn’t much time to do fall things. Its good to be busy and we wouldn’t change anything. Throw in a trip to the Jersey shore with my family and you have a ready made recipe for one jam packed fall season.

I love the fall, the chilly but seasonable temperatures, the sweaters, the leaves, the cider… oh the cider makes it all worth while. Yes you can get cider anytime during the year but its considered sacrilegious to do so without it being at least 60 degrees and windy. Pumpkin carving and family walks in the park. Awesome times.

So this past weekend my wife and I set aside for Fallapalooza 2008 we tried to do absolutly everything we enjoy about fall in one slam banging weekend. By the by, when you add hometown team, Phillies, playing in October it just adds fun to the fire!. So this shindig started thursday when i took my Brotherinlaw out to a local bar to celebrate his birthday. A little Oktoberfest brew on tap and it was a capital night! Phillies won, we relaxed and headed home.

Friday, my wife and I had a date night where we had a lovely dinner out together sans child, and then a romantic trip to the supermarket for the week ahead’s grub. Hey this is the political season its all about spin. The supermarket is beautiful this time of year i tell you…

Saturday We woke up to our personal alarm clock, read 2 year old son, at 7 am, gathered ourselves and made a trip en mass with 3 other friends out to a pumpkin patch. Hayrides were had, pumpkin funnel cake, Carmel apple funnel cake, jalapeno poppers, fried potato chips, and heaven;y cider eaten, and mums were bought, I planted them the same day to avoid last years fallen soldier problem.  Then we carted off to yet another friends block party. Outside grilling of meat, Phillies on the radio, sadly they lost, and a night of beer, grilling, and tired kids.

The next morning started with some difficulty, at the same bright and shining time of 7am. Coffee in hand the family headed out the door to Sesame Place, a present from grammy for Christmas, a bit early. If you buy a season pass you get admission to the rest of this year thrown in.

We headed there for the Count’s spooktacular. The boy enjoyed the hell out of the Sesame atmophere and we ended staying from 11 – 3:30,  small park but densly packed with things to do. Then we headed out for a family dinner for brother in laws birthday. Rolling back in dog tired at 8:30. My body took over while attempting to research a CaffiNation Podcast and pushed me into the valley of sleep. So two days 4 nights and i think i only spent about 4 hours of total waking time in my own house.

Great times non the less. Now we go forth to tackle the rest of the fall events!

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