Back to Hockey…

So now we are back to Hockey, just plain hockey!  I’m syced for this season. But wait. We’re also back to Football, and STILL with Baseball. This is a great month to be a Philly sports fan i have to tell you. I’m gonna have to pack a duffel bag with jersey choices just to cover the teams that are playing.

I love this time of year, and lately with Philly sports providing extra fun i just don’t know what to watch. So why the Rant setup? Well i just tried to watch some NHL online while the Playoff baseball game is on. How do i consume media?


The announcers on Fox have been so one sided i considered turning the game off, not seriously, but still the thought was there. So AM radio, local coverage, TV tuned to the playoffs. And i tried to find an alternate channel for the hockey game. NHL previously let you watch some games on line. So it was a shot. They are now charging 20 dollars a month to see out of market games online…

NHL is in dire straights, they need eyeballs on their game. so they run a “deal” where you could drop $159.00 to watch a year of out of market games… So i can’t see my favorite team, technically, unless i don’t live in the market they play. Major TV networks need to work this out. People consume media in different ways now, your markets don’t function as they should. While I’m watching the game I’m writing this blog post listening to local radio coverage and checking on the Flyers game during breaks… ALL while chatting about the game to my Twitter stream.  How many times in history has that type of choice and ability been available? Never before. You need to change your ideas.

BTW a small aside I apologize for people following me who don’t like sports. I have to let my “Fan” Show


I love your product, your game is fast, your action gritty and the games riveting. However i am in the minority. Not many people care one way or another about what you have to offer. So why throw up a blockade when people try to experiance your content? Not smart business, not smart anything.You’ll gain a couple die-hard fans’ hard earned cash but turn away countless people who may have otherwise been able to watch a bit. get with it please. Now i need to get back to watching my two games twittering my fandom.

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