Not my Games too!

Get out of my GAME! I Don’t want to see any Political Ads in video games. Escapism means leaving the norm. Obama, Your campaign might be better overall at reaching out electronically, but this time you have reached too far. I need my time away from the world to be able to come back into reality later on refreshed.

I feel like I’m under siege from Politics. If you’ve been with me for a bit you’ll know I don’t dig blogging about politics, in fact I’ve only even made the exception to my own rule once. It just so happens it was this month. Who’s counting?


In our last endeavor I explained my Bias, who i am where i come from ect. I won’t be going over old ground. Video Games, much like Sports are escapism at its finest. I pay to go to a game to watch the game, not a political farce at center ice.

I pay my 60 dollars to play a racing game, to play a little football perhaps. I don’t do either to be submitted to the barrage of political ads that fill just about every second of my life right now.

PA is a swing state i got it. Obama, have you every heard of brand fatigue? I hear your name and your voice about every 3 commercials, and lord knows we have enough of them. Now i get to have the pleasure of Paying for a video game, and still being forced to endure the same.

If I have learned anything studying PR, and working with media outlets its that Passion, sells. Being genuine, and engaging your audience in an honest manner is a must. If a politician wanted to reach out to the coveted 18-34 demographic your doing it wrong here. Buying ad inserts in video games will not get through to people, it will piss them off. If you had a gamertag, played games online with people, then you might gain some brownie points.Note, not all games are violent bloody messes. Obama could have thrown down in some UNO or Chess and it would have been great.

This is the type of media interaction you get when you know if a technology but don’t yet know what to do with it.

This topic speaks to a different issue as a whole, of the fact that we are now being subjected to adverytising everywhere, and i do mean everywhere. Pretty soon I’m going to sell sponsoships to my next trip to the bathroom, bmuch like we have the PECO POWER PLAY during hockey games, PECO being the local power company… get it…  But thats a story for another time.

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