Trial By Fire

it happens a lot, trying something new out only to see it fall flat on its face. However with a website the results can be epically bad. When a site goes down, it falls hard, blogs don’t fail with a broken graphic they fail with cryptic errors.

Not paying attention, or rather looking two steps ahead has caused me more than a couple of problems with my cadre of blogs in the past.

The last time i upgraded wordpress I mistakenly upgraded Caffination and not this blog. That didn’t end well as i found the new version had some small issues with the podcasting plugin i use. Podpress. Widespread issue, and i would have caught it if i hadn’t upgraded the PODCAST site with the new version before the pother sites. So i traditionally go for Travelersmug first, why? Is it because i don’t love the people who happen by this corner of the web? No not hardly i love each of you more than your mothers ever will, but rather this is a simple site.

Simple site, simple man. I type, and hopefully you read. I mispell misspell and hopefully you get the point of the post rather than me having to go back and edit time and time again.

The CaffiNation Podcast on the other hand is COMPLICATED, first off its a podcast, so i need to have the audio up, and accessible or the site just doesn’t work. Secondly the audio ties in to two different stat systems. One being with the advertising intermediary, and the other being a local metrics system.

Why bother with local metrics? Well if someone you knew agreed to pay you 5 dollars for every person who entered a building, would you accept their count or would you want your own eye on the prize as well. Its not that i don’t trust people, because i don’t,  Its more that i would rather know whats going on on my site.

That being said with WordPress 2.7 i am doing things the right way. Posting dutifully on the simple blog, attaching a bit of audio at the end and hoping beyond hope that everything works as it should. If not then… i guess no one will ever read this now will they.

What Audio will he choose? well probably a promotional spot for the coomplicated site… go figure

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