Well after a long forced hiatus i’m back into blogging on other channels as well. If you were un-aware i blog because i love to on, and is for the more academic approach to my brain. here is where you will find the refuse. Brain droppings if you will, to steal a phrase from Sir Carlin.

Update: Hand was broke, now its fixed.

Nothing more nothing less, I have a bunch of content screaming to get out I just need to write everything down so i don’t miss a single fantastic topic surging to get out.

Every personal blog is full of Commitment centric posts, I swear i’ll post 90 times a day, not this one. You’ll get what i have time to give :-D. I’m starting slow I’m working at committing to adding to the episodes on the CaffiNation Podcast some reviews and articles each week, adding 1 academic centric pieces of musing over at and we’ll see what happens here. I have a good backlog of rants but sincerely doubt it would make much sense at this time. Topical posts usually loose their luster after the topic has gone out of vogue.

So I’ll leave you with a sketch from before my hand got snapped, and we’ll call it even


Coffee Deconstruction

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